About Us

The Team

Shabnam Hasan, CTO.

Shabnam Hasan

Alexander Mukherjee, CPO.

Alexander Mukherjee

Pierre Tardivo Martin, CEO.

Pierre Tardivo Martin

The Story

In Greek mythology, Cratos is the brother of Nike. Whereas she represents victory, Cratos represents strength.

Cratos was founded in September 2020 in Montreal, Canada, at the peak of Covid-19.

Co-founders Shabnam Hasan, Alex Mukherjee, and Pierre Tardivo Martin met during Concordia University's 2020 AI Launch Lab Program. Their mission was to revolutionize healthcare in order to make it accessible at a time where people had to stay home, and whose only means of contacting the outside world was electronically.

After lots of interviews with individuals and physiotherapists, and Pierre's own experience with telerehabilitation, it was clear that physiotherapy needed a makeover.

The 3 co-founders set out to invent a new way of delivering physiotherapy, one that puts the patient front and center, and that ensures patients make progress and fully recover.

Thus, Cratos was born.

Cratos quickly gained traction, first by winning the 2020 Cooperathon Dialogue Challenge, then by incorporating, and eventually joining the Centech accelerator's 2021 summer cohort.

At Cratos we aim to enable tailored telerehabilitation for all Canadians, when and where they need it. We are doing so first by leveraging 1:1 remote physiotherapy between patients and their physiotherapist, then by enabling technologies such as natural language processing and computer vision aided pose correction to help make the process even more helpful for both patients and their physiotherapists.

Our aim is to become the leading solution for pain and mobility management across Canada and beyond.

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Winner of the 2020 Cooperathon Dialogue Challenge